"C&S Golf Team" materializes our commitment, together with other partners towards talented golfers from Biarritz, "Euskal Herria" and beyond who share our values and dare to compete. As a Bask non-for-profit initiative, we currently support Biarritz Elite Amateur Teams as well as eleven professional Golf Players. You'll find hereafter a bio for each of them. Please join us in encouraging them collectively & individually on LinkedIn, Facebook and on the course!

Team members

Lucie Andre
Lucie André
LETAS Player
Lucie is a member of the LETAS professional tour

"In 2023, Lucie secured a win at the LETAS Santander Golf Tour - Girona, following a breath-taking 7-hole play-off."

After an exceptional career as an amateur and a key member of the National team, culminating at the top of the European ranking in 2009, Lucie turned professional in 2011. She has many top 10 finishes on the LET under her belt and won the Czech Ladies Challenge in 2017.

In addition to C&S Partners, Lucie is also supported by Callaway, "La Maison du Golfeur", Skimp and Skechers.

Her staff is made of Alain Alberti (Coach) and Kelly Sotiere (Mental coach).

Her goal for 2024 is to obtain a full category on the LET.
Antoine Auboin
Pro Golf Tour Player
"Tonio" has delivered a great season in 2023, with many podiums on both the Pro Golf Tour and the French PGA.

A former member of the Golf de Biarritz and National Golf Teams, his track record includes wins such as: The Irish Boys, The European Championship, the French Individual Championship or The French Team Championship just to mention few, as well as many prestigious "Grand" Prix like "The Biarritz Cup".

In addition to C&S Partners, Antoine is also supported Cutter & Buck.

His staff is made of Gilles Bellec (Manager), Melody Lautelin (Communication), Michael Magher (Coach), Jean-Michel Bazin (Osteopath), Valérie Sudarovich (Pilates teacher), Arthur Lapotre (Physical Coach) and Stephanie Humblot (Mental Coach).

His goal for 2024 is to finish in the top 5 in order to play the Challenge Tour.
Greg bourdy
Gregory Bourdy
DP World Tour & Challenge Tour Player
Starting 2023 without any category, Greg has leveraged any possible opportunity to regain a full DP/Challenge tour category. And with success!

Greg has more than 10 wins under his belt as a professional player, including 4 on the DP World Tour and 1 on the Sunshine Tour.

With two top 20 in Major Championships (US Open and USPGA), Greg also won the Seve Trophy in 2013 as part of the Continental Europe Team and represented France at Rio's Olympic Games in 2016.

In addition to C&S Partners, Greg is also supported by Arkea, Le Mathurin Hôtel et Spa, Cauderan Ferry, Titleist/Footjoy, Bollé, WellPutt and Domaine de Tam.

His staff is made of Olivier Leglise (Swing Coach), Isabelle Inshauspé (Mental Coach) and Guillaume Chaubron (Physical Coach).

His goal for 2024 is to regain his full playing rights on the DP World Tour.
Nicolas Calvet
Pro Golf Tour Player
"Nico" has improved his ranking in 2023, in line with his game plan - and as confirmed by this top ten at the French professional championship.

After graduating from engineering school's ENSEEIHT in 2021, Nicolas turned professional in November, obtaining a full category on the Pro Golf Tour for 2022. He has been playing for 10 years with the Golf de Biarritz team, winning titles such as the French Clubs' Cup, the French Teams' Championship or the silver medal at the European Club Championship in 2021.

Nicolas also got high-level finishes as an individual like a third place at the World Military Championships and won many "Grand Prix", including the "Biarritz Cup".

In addition to C&S Partners, Nicolas is also supported by Srixon Golf, Golf Club Makers, Lacoste, Burger King Bayonne, Skechers France, Club des Langues d'Anglet, Sysco France and the "Sport for Life" foundation.

His staff is made of Thierry Anger (Technical Coach), Dorian Auvitu (Physical Coach), Benoit Raynaud (Kinetics and Osteopath), Jean-François Calvet (Mental Coach) and Dr Olivier Rouillon (Sport doctor).

Nicolas' objective is to play on the DP World Tour.
Paul "Polo" Elissalde
Alps Tour Player
"Polo" owns C&S Golf Team's first main Trophy with his win in Austria in 2021. After a transitional year from the the Challenge Tour, he plays on the Alps Tour.

Prior to his professional career, Polo's been part of the Golf de Biarritz team and the French National Amateur Team with prestigious titles such as winner of "La Mouchy Cup" (main amateur French title) or the European Team Championship in Aberdeen. He also won the Internation French Pro double title together with his brother Thomas.

His staff is made of Dorian Auvitu (Physical Coach) and Robin Cocq (Technical Coach).

Polo's objective is to return to the Challenge Tour in 2025.
Thomas Elissalde
Thomas Elissalde
Pro Golf Tour and Alps Tour Player
Thomas won on the Pro Golf Tour in 2023 with a bogey-free tournament in Poland.

After five wins on the Alps tour and a win at the Mercedes International Open with his brother Polo, Thomas plays on the Pro golf Tour.

During his amateur career with the 'Golf de Biarritz' team, Thomas was 22nd on the world amateur golf ranking.

Thomas has many high-level wins under his belt such as “La Mouchy” (the French Men's international Championship), the International Denmark Championship, the International Belgium Championship or "The Biarritz Cup" as well many other "Grand Prix".

Thomas' staff includes Alain Alberti & Raphael Jacquelin ("technical coaches") as well as Dorian Auvitu ("physicial coach")

His goal for 2024 is to secure a full playing right 'asap' on the Challenge Tour.
Anthony Grenier
Anthony Grenier
PGA France
Licensed in Biarritz, Anthony teaches Golf at Dax as well as across the Basque Coast and keeps playing competitive golf on the PGA France Tour.

A former member of the DP World and Challenge tours, Anthony has 7 professional wins under his belt.

In addition to C&S Partners, Anthony is also supported by Golf One 64 and Wilson.

His goals for 2024 is to keep remaining competitive on the French tour and associated events and prepare for the senior tour in 2025.
Nicolas Grossia
Paragolf Player
Nicolas is a one-arm, one-leg player on the Paragolf Tour.

With many podiums in 2023, Nicolas has secured a top 25 in the world ranking.

In addition to C&S Partners, Nicolas is supported by Callaway.

His goal for 2024 is to play more international tournaments in order to improve his world ranking.
Augustin Holé - C&S Partners
Augustin Holé
Alps Tour Player
"Gus" made a break-through season on the Alps Tour with a podium and a win at the closing-season final.

Augustin turned professional 4 years ago after graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2019 and played for the French National Team.

In addition to C&S Partners, Gus is also supported by Maison Rivière, Groupe Delplast, Leclerc Granville & Fasual.

His staff is made of Benoit Teilleria (Swing Coach), Franck Rigole (Mental Coach), Antoine Schwartz (putting coach) and Dorian Auvitu (Physical Coach).

His goal for 2024 is to win again on the Alps Tour and gain a full category on the Challenge Tour or even the DP
Ben Kedochim
Benjamin Kedochim
Alps Tour Player
"Ben" has delivered an exceptional season on the Alps Tour, making several podiums and missing access to Challenge Tour by a thin margin.

Ben has numerous top 10 places under his belt, including a win at the French Professional Championship in foursome together with his pal Nicolas platret.

In addition to C&S Partners, Ben is also supported by Winpharma, Formazot, Bordeaux country club and Golf club makers.

His staff is made of Olivier Serres (Swing Coach).

Ben's objective is to secure a place on the Challenge Tour for 2025.
Roger Sabarros
Coach, Advisor and Senior Tour Player
Roger is the C&S Golf Team Advisor & Coach, as well as a Professional Player on the Senior Tour and PGA France.

From the Golf de Biarritz and member of the PGA France since 1981, he is listed as Head Pro. Roger is also a former member of the DP World Tour, with numerous wins under his belt, including 2 on the Challenge Tour and the National Professional title in 2000. More recently, Roger has won on the Alps Tour and has played 4 Senior Opens (2013, 2015, 2019 and 2022). He finished 2nd in doubles, with John Gould, at the Arkéa Omnium International Senior 2022 at "Golf d'Arcangues".

In addition to C&S Partners, Roger is also supported by Titleist and FootJoy.

Roger's goals for 2024 is to keep sharing his experience with the C&S team members and help them materialize their potential - as well as having fun on the course!
C&S Golf Team Nathan Trey
Nathan Trey
Pro Golf Tour Player
"Nat" started his professional career in 2023 and kept his playing rights on the Pro Golf Tour for 2024.

Nathan was European Team Champion. He owns several Top 5 in international championships. He has also won many "Grand Prix".

In addition to C&S Partners, Nathan is supported by Evian.

His staff is made of Jean Lamaison (Coach), Eric boucher (Mental Coach), Robert Froissart (Physical Coach), and Antoine Dufranc (Kinetics).

Nathan’s longer-term objective is to win Majors.