Energy and other asset-intensive industries

Materializing Leadership

Working with the Board and the CEO, we perform:

CEO Business "ground coaching"
CEO Succession plans 
(internally / externally - short to longer term)
Alignment of CEOs total compensation
CXO development centers
CEO on-boarding

Executive Team as the Driver
Working with top teams, we help them:

Align & perform to deal with a new context
Form, Storm, Norm & Perform as a new team
Decode and perform within a Private Equity Environment
Mobilize individual talent to turn potential into collective performance
Working with executive teams, we design be-spoke:

Leadership programs to grow the next gen of leaders
No-non-sense performance management systems
Talent and Expert strategies to meet business and societal goals
Talent acquisition that just works
COM-MANDO ™ Operations
Co-working with executive teams, we mobilize on:

M&A operations and full value realization for buy or sell side
Disruptive strategies without buzz words
High-growth and rapid ramp-up of business
 Fast-paced & pragmatic (re)organizations to meet all stakeholder's expectations